Hizmet Başlık


Bekay Food has a 20 years’ experience in sun dried tomato production and export. The factory resides in Manisa, on a production plant of 10.000 m2 in door, 1000 m2 cold storages and 400 m2 cold rooms for process lines. Bekay Food has also set up one of the most successful and high-technology oven line for the semi-dried tomato operation in the country. We select our tomato types very carefully which are then followed by our agronomists over the growing season. We produce three different types of semi-dried tomatoes for different purposes and store them in freezers at -18 °C.

Our Semi dried tomato line includes cherry and cocktail types of tomatoes. We also very sophisticated cube (dice) semi dried tomato. This product produced as marinated or plain. Crucial point is each particle frozen separately, therefore it provides a perfect application for following application. 

According our customers’ specifications, we process our sun-dried to halves, julienne, chopped, granule, powder dry or ready-to-eat. We prepare semi-dried tomatoes as quarters or chopped and packed with different packaging options as plain or marinated.

Our extensive range includes char-grilled or roasted vegetables, such as red, yellow and green capsicum, tomato, eggplant, onion, zucchini, garlic, mushroom, semi-dried tomato and antipasto blends.  These products are also available in IQF frozen form. We intend to serve the demand of catering and hotel kitchens. Bekay Food enlarging its’ IQF frozen grilled vegetable line.

With world-class technological processes and Quality Management System ISO 9001/2000, we offer processing methods including pasteurization, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) and other shelf stable methods, with a variety of cut sizes to suit individual customer's needs.

We are BRC certified as Grade A to ensure the best quality, problem free product.

We also have Kosher certification by K-Star.

Bekay Food serves to food industry, food service and retail markets.